10 Word Challenge #1

The 10 Word Challenge is where you will be given 10 words and you write a story or a poem or a simple note using the 10 words.
– 10 lines for a poem and 10 sentences for a prose in any order you like
– Feel free to use suffixes of any form or remove them as needed (Drinking is given but you can use Drink or Drunk)

What You need to do – Type in your Work in the Comment Section

Here are Today’s Words

Build, Gorgeous, Plain, Treat, Drinking, Rope, floor, hunger, nice, book

Here is a sample

Drinking from a dream –
I build a reality on borrowed time
From gorgeous lands to lonely waters.
In the plain beauty of clear skies
I sit down on a marble floor
And open the book one more time.
nice times await us
to treat our withering hopes
to feed our mind’s hunger
All ropes are now cut and the horses are free


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