Start A Blog

We live in a world where online Reputation is as important as offline Reputation. Have you ever thought what would turn up in the Google Search when someone types your name. May be not. But you can plan that for your Kids.

First Things First Get Your Domain name
Register a domain name with your Kid’s full name. This is the easiest way (if it is not yet taken) to close the loop on that identity aspect. Even if you are not going to blog or create a Website my recommendation is get that domain in your name. You can even put up a small website or blog. To reflect on search engines on the top there are many factors. Relevance is one of the most important and has a lot of relevance. That is not enough, but having unique content that is frequently updated is also important. But first things First. Get the Domain

You can go to one of the domain registering services online like Godaddy or networksolutions and so on and register the domain name. See if you get if not you can get creative or try other extensions like info or org or us and so on. This could cost you around $10 per year or save some by registering for multiple years

Create a Blog using WordPress
But if you are planning to start blogging as well then we recommend It is one of the most popular blogging platforms that gives you an easy way to blog without worrying about Hosting and security and so on. Create a blog for your teen like this

If you are planning to start blogging you can also register the Domain through Which will cost you around $18 (as of 2017) for a year that includes both domain as well as mapping the Domain to your free wordpress Blog.

If you go the Godaddy route you will have to pay $10 to Godaddy and another $13 to wordpress for mapping. I personally use GoDaddy because that helps me with some flexibility if I want to move out of WordPress and don’t have to deal with Domain Transfer Process.

Other Blogging Providers
Wordpress is just the popular one and one that I like a lot, but there are others as well that you can go with like blogger/blogspot from google and typepad and tumblr and so on. They are all good with their own different user interfaces. Select what is the one that will make you feel good to blog. It is not the provider, but your discipline to continue to Blog. And of course having that domain sorted out.

Start Blogging.
The most important part of Blogging is to be Regular. To get into that grove of doing it. What you don’t want is start a blog and then leave it after the initial enthusiasm. So when you start on a blog decide the frequency that you will feel comfortable to stick to. Make it fun and not a lot of effort. You can choose a blog a Week or Bi Weekly based on the time you want to spent. There are some people who do it every month. The point is not to create tons of content, but to create real quality content that people would love to read. Take time to think through it and research if needed. It is ok if you are not getting it all right initially, you will get better over time. Writing is the best way to get good at it.

Select a Theme
We have found that some people find it better when they select a theme for the blog. Some theme that really really interests you. There are also people who just choose to have it like a Journal. Think about a theme, Music, Cinema, Life, Education, Math, Technology, Pets, Computers, Travel, Food. You see, the possibilities are endless. You can also do like a Magazine where you can write a bit about everything. You can even invite guests writers, your friends who have not done it on their own.

Share it with Friends
It would be good to share it with family and friends and get feedback. And feel free to send us a not so we can also take a look and give you suggestions and recommendations.

Happy Blogging and if you need any help just send us a line.